Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Would Regional Government really work ?

What do you think ? the main reason for this blog was to start some discussion. Personally , I don't think it would be cost effective mainly because Australia is such a urbanised country, and we can't really afford, humanly and practically to get rid of the States . There is value too in having "More rather than less advice " . The main reason I see for reform is the ongoing risk of a growing rural/urban and independance / dependance culture divide with the current system . Independant Senators, while useful, are not going to be there to secure the long term view is actually in view . Tell me the long term is anyone's view?

If USDA could establish a better framework ,long term , for rural political discussion ( not even happening now even amongst Nats ) I would think about it -Why ? Potential hub of the culture of innovation and long terem research Regional governence may help that ?

What do you think? up to you to add your thoughts please ! Would a sound federation make for an effective, and more reasonable, republic campaign? Copyright EA 10sept 2009