Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Building from the bottom up

If Rudd is to get anywhere with the Federal dream , he will need to go right to the bottom and find out what's missing there . He knows that his team needs to keep doing that ,but does he know which links he must break and which new leads he should take ?

Links to break

--Rudd will need to ditch many of the bookkeepers at his door ( the ledger probably won't contain the critical line, let alone represent it well ) the problem is so serious that drastic measures are required.
Do what the states did with teachers and pay people not on how much money they administer , but on how close they are to the workface. Restore seniority before mentoring itself turns into a weasal word; Ensure all managers have studied and worked in the areas they administer(tell me where it shouldn't apply except in Canberra where it might never apply?)don't always choose managers on the basis of experience in high office- what practical person wants to spend their whole life in Canberra!) offer limited term appointments
---Rudd's team will need to go deeper than the States who think they can revive state education with a facade of new buildings. Reminds me of Hackers best run hospital - the one with no patients.

Links to make

Professional groups/ people with expertise/ no ambition to be in middle management The point is, no poly can really afford to listen to every noise that comes from the very bottom . There has to be some trust involved. The trust of training should be a start . However ---Lots more regional appointments won't neccesarily work .The first qualification for new look rudd field staff should be , not their degree, but whether they look down not up.

One big test for Rudd is whether he can bludgeon the army of accountants and bookkeepers in his counsel to cut the cords with their paper trails to nowhere.

Patience is something the new Rudd team will all need, if his team is not to run, with all that new noise from listening, finally in frustration, to the hall of remedies. The same foreign school that most incumbents find themselves if they don't really know who they should really listen to.
Nothing is easy - especially passing the power batten down the line to the very bottom - but it must be done, if Rudd is to win his right to rule.

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