Friday, March 12, 2010

Those Impossible Dreams

Politics is always about the possible . Otherwise its not politics.
That doesn't stop people from dreaming. That's OK -Its good to dream
The real danger for ecomia is when leaders try to live out their dreams without knowing their limitations.
Leaders who ignore the danger of politicaceleste will not retain their role. Heavenly minded we like, but earthly use we depend on . Sustainable political leadership is totally dependant on making decisions in the real world.

This post is not to discourage dreaming because infact it has a place . See Neibuhr but a speight of Federal Government initiatives in terms of dreaming led policies on environmnet , education and health in February 2010, appear to have no clothes. Avoid laughter in the street - Get competent advice and ditch the quickfixers , and best of all keep blogging .

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journeymanj said...

Its now june 2011 and the Labor leadership are changing direction with a spped that defies any level of credibility . Doesn't help that they think the greee=n know what they are doing . has the cutting power of good intentions.